Integrative Treatment and Medical Acupuncture

Dr. Still believes in tailoring treatment to each patient’s individual goals.  As such, he has adopted an integrative care model in his private practice, utilizing complementary/alternative medicine approaches when appropriate.  Psychiatric medication management offers great benefits along with the potential for adverse effects.  Dr. Still’s patients benefit from a discussion of alternatives to medication.  He is experienced in the recommendation of nutritional, vitamin, and homeopathic supplementation to treat certain mental health conditions when there is evidence to support their use.

Dr. Still received specialized training in Medical Acupuncture through the largest training program for physicians in the U.S.  As a result, many patients are referred to him specifically because he will perform an evaluation that includes consideration of whether or not non-medicinal approaches might be useful.  Nevertheless, many psychiatric conditions do not benefit from CAM therapies alone, and as a result, may require an integrative approach that combines judicious treatment with FDA-approved prescription medications as well as supplements and lifestyle recommendations.

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