Comprehensive Psychiatric Evaluation

Before we know which treatment will be the most effective, we must understand the patient and his or her story.  Effective treatment depends on making a correct diagnosis.  To reach this point, Dr. Still begins with a comprehensive psychiatric evaluation conducted from a medical perspective, while taking into consideration all of the other unique variables at play in a person’s life.  Many factors interact to affect feelings, mood, thinking, and behavior: genetics and biology, personality, medical history, life experiences, family relationships, and current circumstances.  During the session, you will be asked about various aspects of your life – your interests, hobbies, how you function at home, with family and friends, at school or work, as well as your sleep and eating habits.  If needed, laboratory, psychological, and/or educational testing will be ordered.

At the end of an evaluation, Dr. Still will present his assessment of the problem.  This evaluation combines biological, psychological, and social aspects with the developmental needs, history, and strengths of the patient.  When a treatable problem is identified, recommendations are provided and a specific treatment plan is developed.  Time is made available for any questions or concerns the patient or family may have.  Dr. Still’s goal is to be a partner and support patients and families.  If a patient is already working with a trusted therapist, Dr. Still highly values collaborating with that therapist to coordinate care.

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